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Sperm whales of 
Northern Europe

Welcome to the photo identification catalogue for sperm whales of Northern Europe! Here you will find a catague of sperm whales that have been photographed and identified during the last few decades. The main purpose of this website is to compare images from different places, in order to learn more about the movements of these magnificant animals in the North Atlantic.

About this website

This website is the direct result of a succesfull crowdfunding project in 2017. After a group of 30 sperm whales stranded on beaches of the Netherlands, the UK, Denmark, France and Germany, I hoped to identify some of the stranded whales from European sperm whale catalogues. Unfortunately, I was not able to find any of the stranded whales in any of the existing sperm whale catalogues. What I did find however, was that there is very little publicly available data. Most of the data is kept private and only available to collaborating researchers. I believe that the public should play a large role in research, and I am convinced that we can learn much more about these amazing animals by inviting everyone who is interested to be a part of this project.   

These drawings are made by Dutch artist Linde Faas for the crowdfunding project that started this website. Please check out to see more of her amazing work!

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